Where the class of 1965 lives ........
        1 - Arkansas (P. Scurlock)
        1 - California (P. Huston)
        1 - Colorado (L. Vest)
        1 - Florida (R. Sherman)
        2 - Illinois (R. Lindsey, G. Kramer)
        3 - Kansas (D. Bentzinger, D. Catlin, D. Gilchrist)
        1 - Louisiana (G. Snodgrass)
        1 - Minnesota (Big O. Claspill)
      79 - Missouri
        2 - Oklahoma (J. Branum, J. Burd)
        4 - Texas (D. Andrews, J. Bone, D. Myers, P. Pulley)
        1 - Wisconsin (J. Brooks)
        1 - Cameroon, Africa (D. Palmer)
      13 - Unknown State of Residence
                   We must not be Horace Greeley fans, as only 5 of us went West.
                   Actually 7, as L. McHenry passed away in California and J. McConaghie in Kansas.


    Most Kids ........
        A. Leer - 4
        E. Van Epps - 4
        Let us know if you have 4 or more children and how many (info@65bisons.com)


    Most Grandkids ........
        A. Leer - 16 (Arnie has gone from racing cars in school to Tractor Pulling now - and probably babysitting!!!)
        D. Myers - 8
        R. McCart - 6
        S. Bliss - 6
        E. Van Epps - 5
        D. Gilchrist - 4
        Let us know if you have 4 or more grand children and how many (info@65bisons.com)


    Most Great Grandkids ........
        R. Bruffett - 1
        M. Varner - 1 step-great grandson
        Let us know if you have any great grand children and how many (info@65bisons.com)


    Most Spouses (Just Kidding!!!)

Longest Marriages ........
        S. Bliss - 46 years (yes, since Aug 1964)
        J. Smith - 45 years
        H. Strickland - 44 years
        K. McDaniel - 43 years
        D. McHenry - 42 years
        J. Stepp - 41 years
        Let us know if you've been married to your spouse for 40 or more years (info@65bisons.com)


    Traveling the farthest to attend the reunion ........
        D. Myers (El Paso, Texas - 1,026 miles)
        R. Sherman (Panama City, Florida - 826 miles)
        P. Pulley (Natalia, Texas - 755 miles)
        L. Vest (Denver, Colorado - 755 miles)
        D. Andrews (Houston, Texas - 689 miles)
        G. Snodgrass (Walker, Louisiana - 636 miles)
        NOTE:  If D. Palmer could make it, he would have to travel 6,859 miles!!!
                      Info on Dennis and Nancy at Dennis and Nancy's Website.  Thanks to you two for what you do.


    Who did we beat to win the Missouri State Basketball Championships???
Missouri State Basketball Championships (pdf)


    Prices in 1965 ........
        Average cost of a new house - $21,500
        Average income per year - $6,450
        Average cost of a new car - $2,650
        Gas per gallon - 31 cents
        First class stamp - 5 cents
        Average cost of a movie ticket - $1.00 (less when I stuffed Oscar and Elbert in the trunk at the Autoscope!!!)
            (Buffalo Autoscope Trivia Link)

        Richardson's Market paid $5 for a 12-hour day of stocking shelves and sacking groceries.
        D. McHenry says that he would get $5 for helping his dad all week and would take
            Faye to the movies on Saturday night and stop at the L&F where he would get a burger
            and fries and Faye would order shrimp, and he still had part of his $5 left over.  He
            said he should have wised up when Faye always ordered the shrimp, but they've been
            married 42 years now and bet he still takes her to Springfield for shrimp dinners.


    Hangouts where we stopped for ice cream or a cold pop ........
        Dairy Queen on 65 just south of 32
        Mr Ed's Drive-In on 65 near Urbana
        Archie's Cafe in Louisburg
        Mom and Pop's Cafe in Louisburg
        Johnson's Drugstore on the Square
        Dillon's Drugstore just off the Square
        Garrett Cafe near Dillon's
        Bison Inn Cafe off the Square
        Cowboy Truck Stop on 32 toward Long Lane
        L&F Truck Stop on 65 south of town
        The Pool Hall - off limits to the basketball team per Mike Kirksey and Larry Atwood <grin>
            (Click Here for nice article about Larry Atwood)
        The Bowling Alley (opened in 1962)

        Of course, when not at one of these places we would mindlessly circle the Square,
            head to the Dairy Queen and then back to the Square.

        Add to the hangout list by emailing info@65bisons.com.


    Life Expectancy for age 62 ........
        17% of men are deceased (our class is 15.8%)
        10% of women are deceased (our class is 7.6%)


    Miscellaneous Trivia ........
        Some trivia regarding Buffalo basketball coaches Mike Kirksey and Larry Atwood.
            What did they have in common, other than winning State Championships for Buffalo in 1963/64 (Mike)
            and 1964/65 (Larry)?
            It is University of Missouri basketball player and long-time coach, Norm Stewart.  Mike followed Norm
            as captain of the MU basketball team and both Larry and Norm were inducted into the Missouri Sports
            Hall of Fame in 1989.


        In 2007, a list of the 50 most memorable sporting moments in the 50-year history of Allen Fieldhouse,
            at the University of Kansas, was compiled.
            Of course, Kansas and Missouri have always had an intense rivalry.
            Number 49 on the list was ......
            "Kansas Coach Dick Harp goes on the PA system Feb. 23, 1958, to beseech KU fans to stop booing
            Missouri's Mike Kirksey on the free-throw line.  Harp is ignored, and the KU coach asks the
            official to call a technical foul on the fans. Kirksey makes three free throws, but KU wins, 85-81".